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“ My mother has been with Theresa and her many marvelous helpers for almost three years now. There is nowhere else I would feel as comfortable leaving her. I know she has the very best of care, both emotionally and physically”

Doris M. Barr, Huntington Beach.

“ In the two years my mother spent in your guest home, I always felt she was receiving the very best of care. Your staff was always very kind and attentive. She was always clean and well groomed, and her special needs for diet and feeding were catered to. I always felt that I could count on you...”

Mary E. Halderman, Santa Ana

“ I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful family at Maureen Guest Home, with pleasant surroundings and lots of love. My mother is treated as a member of the Kozitsky family, and for that I am very grateful.”

Dahlia D. Atanay, La Mirada

“ My mother has lived in a Maureen Guest Home for three years. During this time, she has been treated with loving care, even at times when it wasn’t easy to love. The house is always clean and fresh smelling. It is truly a home in every respect”

Rachel Sawyer, Huntington Beach

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