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Later we added 2 more homes in Garden Grove, and 1 in Anaheim. We named them MGH 2, MGH 3 and MGH 4.

They are situated in established residential neighborhoods of  central Orange County.
While many improvements have been made to increase safety and accessibility, the character of each home blends with its community. Interiors are homey, intended to create a sense of familiarity and well-being.

Residential Care Home vs. Nursing Home

Quarter century ago we saw the need for a care home which is not a hospital or nursing facility, but real Home for elderly with cozy familiarity of a single family home, with much more personal attention, homemade meals,  and circle of good friends.
In communities such home is known as Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), Rest Home, Guest Home or Board and Care Home.

We opened our doors in 1983. Our first home was (and still is) on Maureen Drive in Garden Grove, California, and we named it "Maureen Guest Home" (MGH).
Victor and Theresa McKenzie - Kozitsky
are founders and operators of Maureen Guest Homes.
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